Wednesday, August 03, 2005

limp...limp....limp.."do you got any advil?"

oh my gosh like this whole week we are training for our season and our coaches are kicking are butts. we practice twice a day mon. through sat. then sunday we only have one practice and it goes back to twice a day mon. and tues. (shaking head) my body is in a state of failure and that is scary. like that one guy that collapsed in the commercial for gatorade that is how my body feels sometimes. but his was probably worse because he didn't stop till he collapsed, i am not going to do that but i hope that i can walk soon cuz i am going to cry. haha. right now every thing in gabe's life is changing. i had to resign at the YMCA to play soccer but hopefully i will get a job soon to work around my grueling schedule of soccer and school. i have a good opportunity to work at school so that won't be that bad just get paid less. still is money right... and plus i don't have to pay for insurance or my cell phone i just need to pay for my gas and other things like oil changes and good stuff like that. so we will see. Bree and I are doing well. we went camping the last week in July and i have never had so much fun in my life. just going out to the lake with her and having her catch fish was a blast. she caught about 7 or so. one day that we went to the lake was like the last day of staying at camp we caught a total of about 28-30 fish in one morning and part of the afternoon! that is crazy. the cornejo's and our family starting getting into card games like rat screw or nerts. the kids were playing rat screw and we were getting so loud like usual but it was so much fun. i started to get the hang being quick because if there is any time two of the same card is played you have to slap it to get the deck or just those two cards. like say if two queens are played then whoever slaps the pile before every one they get those cards. the object of the game is to have the whole deck by the end of the game and whenever you play an: Ace the next person has to play four cards, King the next person has to play three cards, Queen-two cards, Jack-one card. unless they don't have a face card to play after the person before them then that person who played the face card gets the pile. so yeah it was tricky at first but it was so much fun. so yeah that was my week at camp and now i have to train really hard to keep my starting position on the Mesa squad and i will because i am going to be an animal. For those of you that are faithful in reading my blogs every month pray for me because i am not going to be able to go to friday nights for a while and i really want to. pray that my spirit will settle down and that i will remain strong in Him. that is another thing too. God is really stirring up my heart just to start talking about Him. like my friend from high school, Jenna i am going to be able to talk to her pretty soon about Christ and that is something that has been on my heart for the past couple of days. it was wild. i just have gotten an urge to do that and that is cool. so yeah. take care you all and God bless, love ya

Friday, June 17, 2005

Don't worry people i am still living

just saying what's up to the gang and also i like to work on my typing when i blog so here i go. It has been a while since i have written a blog can't you tell? Life for me right now is like a sunset on the beach with the wind of the waves blowing on my face. Things have been so different every since I asked Bree to start dating me. I love telling how it came about and I am going to blog it so you all can hear what happened. It has been interesting with my past relationship with so and so just didn't click (parents, family, communication, and other things) but I will still love them like i will always do. With Bree things are just so much different. The feeling is like we have been together like for 2 years or more that is how close we are. Last sunday I had it on my heart and mind to ask Brenda for permission but I didn't know how to come around to it because i was nervous. Then the thoughts of I have never done this before came in and I am so anxious that I try to find an opportunity to ask Brenda almost everytime I see her (at Church). I just couldn't do it because I figured that I need to talk to her one on one so knowing me I was brain storming to find an opportunity and -bam!- a light bulb flashed...She was going to leave early meaning that she was going to leave before the third service started to go grocery shopping and to put Dayton down to take a nap. So cleverly I went outside to ask her if she needed help with Dayton so she could go grocery shopping. My thoughts were,"hey at least it is a start!" so she was all for the idea. so i went back in to the building to tell Bree that i was going to go help her mom and to talk to her. Bree had a smile that gave me more confidence that I could pose the question to Brenda. So I go to the house and Bree's oldest brother, Brandon is there, at first I'm like "Dang it!" because I want to be one on one but he is right there listening to every word that we say. i didn't say anything yet but then Brenda tells me that Dayton is asleep already and i didn't need to do anything. so at first i was like ok i'll just hang out with Brandon and watch baseball...then i am like "idiot what are you doin!" so as Brenda leaves and almost in to her car I leave Brandon and ask her if I could go with her to help with groceries and to talk about some things (wink* wink*) so we head to the grocery store and we start talking about life and how she is stepping down from the women's ministries and taking a break. so we are talking about the subject the ride there and most of the time in the grocery store. all i wanted to do was ask her but i didn't know what to say but i was confident enough that i was going to get around to it but i wasn't sure when. haha. so we bag up the groceries and put them in the car and right as we are heading back home i ask her so what do you think about Bree and I? She responded so quick that i was like stunned i couldn't say anything. she said oh yeah we are all for it. I was like really? then we talked about my parents and what they thought about it and the family and stuff like that. so basically inside i was like yes as i pump my fist towards my body. haha. then on top of me asking her parents, when we got back to the house Bree was sitting on the couch and I go sit by her and whisper in her ear," will you go out with me" i felt like a little boy again all covert about asking her to be my boyfriend haha it was cute. so then after that the whole day we hung out. we went to a baseball game and it was the funnest games i have ever been to. they had so many mascots that it was like the crazy ambience like in the Rookie when the coach is playing for the minors. so that is the story. she has been so awesome and this relationship was something i never would think would happen.
in case you don't know i play for the Mesa Men's soccer team and you can go online to to look up my schedule for the season this year so you guys can watch me play sometime this fall. alright take care and God bless,